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We are investing money in daily sports betting. We pay all of our customers up to 1% per day

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About Our Innovative Fund

We are working worldwide in pursuance of all federal and local laws and regulations. Our innovative and successfully tested business model gives you the opportunity to build a substantial monthly income in sports betting

New approach
Modern & Innovative

We combined two classic business models - investments and sports betting

Already successful
Experts & Customers

During our 12 month trial run, our professional board, sports experts, and customers collaboratively developed and tested the necessary steps in yielding optimal results

Growth market
Sports & Trends

The market of sports betting is growing yearly and in two years it will achieve the line of $1T per year

How it works
Swift & Rodgers Corp

As a full-service investment corporation, we care about every investment amount and generating an additional monthly income for each one of our valued investors. Your initial investment purchased 720 days of our service in which you earn 1% per day during the first 120 days and 0.5% during the next 600 days. Totaling to 420% of your initial investment in the 24-month (720 day) period. How is the return on your investment so high? Our sports experts only need to earn 5% per day from sports betting to ensure the success of all processes.

You can personally observe the entire process in our group on Facebook - here we publish all daily results so you can make sure that everything is transparent and all calculations are real.

We invite you and you could invite your friends to check your intentions together. Welcome to the group!

Our Mission
Innovations & Extra income

We understand that people always looking for new and more reliable methods of getting extra money and always better if it's possible in short terms.

That's why we found the optimal way to satisfy these needs – with Swift & Rodgers you get your income monthly and you know from the start when and how much money you get.

Why us?
Law & Regulation

The business model of Swift & Rodgers Corp from the start was made according all legal local and federal regulations and laws. Every depositor could be completely sure that all state and government agencies any time could check the whole service we provide – it's clear, transparent, and based at profit from sports betting industry.

How To Start

Getting started with our fund is easy. Click the button "Get started" above to register on our secured site. Once you have registered, you can add funds and monitor your daily earnings from your personal profile.



To register, please read and sign the "User Agreement" and verify that you are over the age of 21. Registration is simple!


Add funds

After successful verification of your profile, simply enter the amount you want to deposit into your account and transfer money directly from your bank or card.



After your payment is credited to your personal account, you can monitor your funds online. Every day at 12:00 pm (UTC-5), your account will be credited with your daily earnings.



Every 30 days in your personal account, you can specify the amount of interest accrued to you that you want to withdraw. This amount, net of taxes, will be credited to your bank account or banking card within 5 working days.

Assets management

We offer the same opportunity to earn additional monthly income as other asset management and hedge fund companies, while deriving our earnings form sports betting.

Fixed revenue

We multiply your funds strictly at sports betting – we earn 5% daily on your full investment, of which up to 1.5% daily is allotted to operational costs.

Qualified team

Every member of our team at Swift & Rodgers, including professional sports experts, are successfully working to provide you stable and sustainable results.

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Stay with us to get all the latest news and get even more money by cooperation programs.

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